Test Drive



A Woman’s View of The Dodge Avenger

by Migdalia Rivera

I brought my 1st car in 2003.  A few months later, I crashed in a very weird chicken accident that caused a four car pile up. Thankfully, we survived.

It’s never let me down. It may not be the sexiest car, but I don’t think I could have handled sexy at that point.

Times have changed.

Now I can handle the big “S”. 

Which brings me to Chrysler’s Avenger.  I had the opportunity to test drive the Avenger, on a 25+ mile stretch from Tarry Town to Midtown, Manhattan.  I have to admit, I was sold before the drive.  I liked the designs’ angles and curves.  I also liked that it was a roomy, compact car.  The size made it perfect for parking in the streets of New York, where parking is always a challenge. Yet it was roomy enough to fit both my sons, as well as two of their friends, comfortably. Or, if you are a family with multiple small children, you can easily fit two car seats and one additional person in the back. 

I drove the car during a bad thunderstorm in New York City, which limited how fast I could go. However, based on my discussions with the designer, I am sure it would handle speed well. What the storm did let me test out were the car’s capabilities during bad weather. I felt safe inside, the tires didn’t hydroplane, and the ride was smooth. I would also like to note that the vehicle has front and side airbags, a tire pressure monitor (LOVE!) and 4 Wheel ABS.

During the 1 hour drive, I was told that the Avenger was awarded the IIHS Top Safety Pick Awards. This was important to me as a Mom. It told me that Dodge takes the manufacture of  its cars, as seriously as I take the safety of my children, so I have to commend them on that.
Of course, like anything, the Dodge Avenger was not perfect. I did not like the design of the windows.  I noticed that the windows were smaller and higher than expected when I sat inside.  This would make it hard for smaller children to look outside the window. As any mother will tell you, a bored child is a whiny child, which does not make for easy traveling. However, as a Mom of a tween and teen, this did not hamper my overall opinion of the car.
In the end, I enjoyed my driving experience in the Avenger.  I liked the look of the car. It was stylish, sleek, and sexy. The Avenger did not look like a family car, yet could be used as one. For that, I give it two thumbs up!
What do you think is important in a family car?