Wordless Wednesday: How Do YOU Take it?

On top, in the middle or on the bottom? I prefer the bottom. For some reason, I just think its cleaner. What about you?   And if you thought I was talking about anything but this, shame on you!   Happy WW! Feel free to link up below.  

Wordless Wednesday: His & Hers Toilets

Last week I had a slice to eat with a friend. Before leaving the pizza place, we decided to use their loo. Did they think we would hold hands?   Happy WW! Don’t forget to check out the other photos linked up below!

Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Hair Disaster

My youngest puppy, Teddy, who is 5 months old, recently got an unwanted haircut. Unwanted because I didn’t ask for it and was extremely upset when I saw it. Based on a talk with another dog groomer, the haircut may change the texture of his hair. I’m hoping it doesn’t because he had such beautiful […]

Wordless Wednesday: When Did You Know He Was Father Material?

Teddy, our youngest puppy, tends to cry a lot. I think it’s because he was taken from his mother at a very young age.  At those moments, Teddy runs to my teen. He’s Teddy’s favorite. He coddles him, as you can see by the picture below. To his chagrin, I snapped a picture. I couldn’t […]

Wordless Wednesday: Nails & Cars

This week I am attending a Dodge Ride and Drive event in New York. I am super excited to test out their cars, especially since my someone hit my parked car. It looks like a wreck but thankfully, the person who hit the car left a note with her cell phone number (See there are […]

Wordless Wednesday: Marc Anthony at the Latin Billboard Awards

A few weeks ago I was able to go to the Latin Billboard Awards, courtesy of Telemundo. At the event, I was able to see Marc Anthony on the Red Carpet. I have to admit I screamed like a groupie for that flaco/skinny man, while pushing and shoving the professional photographers on the red carpet! […]

Wordless Wednesday: Coffee Cup

This is my absolute favorite coffee cup. My oldest gave it to me when he was ten for Mother’s Day. Whenever I use it, I can’t help but smile, especially when I take a sip and look inside.    Do you have a favorite coffee cup?   Happy WW! Feel free to link up below

Wordless Wednesday: Toy Australian Shepherd at 10 Weeks (Video)

This week I’m posting a video of Teddy, my toy Australian Shepherd. He was 10 weeks at the time of recording. Isn’t he adorable?! Btw, one of these days I’ll will figure out how to add music, till then feel free to mute! Happy WW! Feel free to link up below.

Wordless Wednesday: CupCake Bike

It was an overcast day in New York, when we discovered the Cupcake Bike. It definitely got brighter after that! Happy WW! Feel free to link up your WW posts below.

Wordless Wednesday: No Peeing In the Sink

One of my teen’s friends found the below sign in the girl’s bathroom. I don’t want to even think about what prompted that sign! Joining in the Wordless Wednesday/Wordful Wednesday fun? Feel free to add the direct link to your post below.