Lionsgate’s Warrior Movie Review

This past September I had the opportunity to see Lionsgate’s Warrior, starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, with the kids and Noah a friend of the family. Below is her review. ******************** Initially when I heard about Warrior I wasn’t very interested in seeing the movie. I thought it would be a typical sports movie touching on a few […]

Avenger’s Designer Talks About the Car (Video)

Below the Avenger’s designer explains its design.       To recap what he said:   Its quiet. It has accoustically laminated windows which keep the noise outside of the car. Treatments were also placed throughout the inside of the car to make the car quieter, which is rare for this type of car (D Class).   Its comfortable. Throughout […]

A Woman’s View of The Dodge Avenger

I brought my 1st car in 2003.  A few months later, I crashed in a very weird chicken accident that caused a four car pile up. Thankfully, we survived. It’s never let me down. It may not be the sexiest car, but I don’t think I could have handled sexy at that point. Times have changed. […]

Sprint LG Optimus S and Sprint ID Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Sprint LG Optimus S.   When the box arrived, Karl, my teen,  brought it upstairs. Wait, let me rephrase that. He practically tripped over himself running up the stairs in his haste to have me open the box. (I have a rule in my place. As the […]

Urban Wear LRG Boys Review & Giveaway

Have you seen my youngest and most active son, Andrew,  pictured below? If I had to rate his activity level it would definitely be “HIGH”. He’s a sports fanatic, on and off the field!  On any given day, you can find Andrew roughing it up with his friends playing football, softball, soccer and basketball. Not surprisingly, his […]

Furry Vengeance Movie Review

This past weekend the boys and I had the opportunity to see a screening of Furry Vengeance. The film, rated PG, starring Brendan Fraser as Dan Sanders (Dad), Brooke Shields as Tammy Sanders (Mom) and Matt Prokop as Tyler Sanders (son), is set to open nationwide on April 30, 2010. After watching the movie, I […]

Poppycock and a FREE Redbox Rental

Have you heard of Poppycock?  Not the word, which means “nonsense”, Orville Redenbacher’s gourmet popcorn snack? It contains clusters of almonds, pecans and gourmet popcorn, covered in a sweeten glaze. I, myself, had never heard of it until I received a can to review. Deciding to give it the ultimate taste test, I took it with me to my […]