#LifeReimagined at Any Age and Situation

by Migdalia Rivera

Years ago, I was divorced, overworked, stressed and exhausted. My career in the legal field was not what I imagined. I was no Erin Brockovich, traipsing around the city investigating a case that would impact thousands of lives. Nor was I working to  right the wrongs committed against countless citizens across the United States. No, the lives I was impacting were white collar, those who worked within the corporate realm, and the lives of my children who rarely saw their mother.

Something had to give and I refused to let it be my, or my sons, lives.

#LifeReimagined at Any Age and Situation |

The Power of Thoughts

I recall the day the phone rang. I was so  engrossed in my work, I almost let it go to voice mail. But, a still, small voice told me to pick it up. Thankfully, I did. It was the doorman telling me my son had not arrived home. A short while later a neighbor called to tell me my son was in the park with a bunch of kids. He skipped afterschool.  He also failed to tell me where he was.

I raced to the park, thinking, “My son needs a parent. I can’t let him down. I’m it.”

That thought changed my life.

I found my son. He was with his best friend. They had skipped afterschool to spend time with a girl my son liked – a hottie. Although they were not doing anything they shouldn’t, there were much older kids in the park, drinking and smoking. This was not the life I wanted for him. It was not the life I had imagined. That day,  I reimagined my life, my children’s lives, and it did not look like the one we were surrounded with.

The Power of Words

Do you want this life for yourself? Or, would you rather travel, meet inspiring people and be happy? Because this is not happy. This is desperation. These were the questions I asked my son that afternoon. They were also the questions I asked myself.

Our responses were similar – No. We did not want this life.

The Power of Actions

I started a blog. And, I made my son start a blog too.

It was a small step, that led to more steps, that eventually led to here.

I now work from home. I own my own Blogger Network. I’m surrounded with amazing, powerful women who work on a daily basis to create change for Moms, children and families everywhere. I’m also happy and single.

As for my son, he earned a full scholarship to Wheaton College, he started an initiative called LIFE (Leadership & Innovation Fuel Empowerment) House, and he will be traveling to Argentina, India and Africa this year.

We reimagined our lives that day. It didn’t matter how old we were. It didn’t matter that we didn’t we have it all planned out. What did matter is our belief that life could be better.

And, it was.

Let’s talk! What does your #LifeReimagined look like? Let us know in a comment and then head over to for inspiration and tips to make your reimagined life a reality!

Disclosure: Latina On a Mission is a sponsored Life Reimagined Ambassador. All opinions expressed herein belong solely to the Author.



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