Confessions of a Shoe-holic

My name is Migdalia, @MsLatina on Twitter, and I am a shoe-holic. This is what I would say if I were involved with SA (Shoe-holics Anonymous). I’m an addict. My head swoons at the thought of shoes. Scouring display windows, magazines and online stores, fills me with glee. Images of boxes lined in neat rows, […]

ALERT: Marc Fisher Unveils His New Collection at Macys on Oct. 18!

As a shoe lover, I am super excited! Marc Fisher, the footwear designer extraordinaire, who has created drool worthy shoes like this….   and this… and this… is going to be at Macy’s this Thursday, October 18, showcasing his newest uber exclusive collection of super high riding boots (sexy!), peep toes and more! It’s going to […]

Chic & Cheap: Runway and Street Style Inspired Shoes

I love shoes, all kinds of shoes.  I’ll even admit, I tend to pick style over comfort. Case in point: my fave shoes are stilettos; hence, the reason why I called my Blogger Network “Stiletto Media”. But as we all know wearing stilettos on a daily basis can cause some killer issues, which is why I was super excited to talk […]

Classy and Sassy Work Wear

Working in the corporate world shouldn’t limit your style! Below is a classy and sassy look that would work in any office environment. It can also be altered, with minimal effort, for a fun evening out on the town. Blazers Platforms     Let’s talk! What is your favorite piece from those shown above? Let us know […]

Chic & Cheap: Taupe the Look this Fall!

Paired with a romper, skinny jeans, or a skirt, you can’t go wrong with the below Taupe booties this Fall!   Chic & Cheap: Taupe the Look this Fall! Paired with a romper, skinny jeans, or a skirt, you can’t go wrong with Taupe booties this Fall! Boots Wedges   Let’s talk! Would you wear […]

Enter To Win A Pair of Havaianas Soul Collection Shoes #Giveaway

My feet heart my newest chancletas from the Havaianas Soul Collection.   They’re stylish, comfortable and priced just right. I’ve been wearing my navy blue and pop rose URBIS LOW SNEAKER  for the past month, walking for miles in these shoes. They’ve gone on errands, lunch dates and even to Washington, DC.  And you know what I realized? […]

The Havaianas Soul Collection #Shoes

Growing up, I received a chancletazo or two … Ok, ok maybe three. My Mom was a master. She aimed with precision, slapping rears in a single throw. Yup, she was the chancletazo Queen. You would think this would give me an aversion to chacletas/flip flops, wouldn’t you? But as I soon discovered not all […]

Payless Settles Class Action Text Messaging Lawsuit

If you received a text message from Payless between October 29, 2005 and October 29, 2010, you may be entitled to a merchandise credit worth up to $25. This lawsuit alleges that Payless violated federal statute by sending unwanted and unsolicited text messages promoting Payless products to cell phone subscribers . The text messages usually originated […]

Naughty Monkey Boots: Are they Chic or just plain Cheap?

Let’s Talk!  Are they Chic or do they look Cheap? Let us know in a comment! Click on photo for more details on the above Naughty Monkey Boots at PiperLime. Interested? Sign up for PiperLime’s email list to receive 15% off at PiperLime.     Don’t miss out on future Chic & Cheap posts. Subscribe! Have […]

Dr. Scholl’s Would Love To Save Your Feet!

And do my feet need saving! Sadly, I couldn’t attend the event myself, but, thankfully, I had just the person who could. As a full time Corporate Diva, busy Mami, and loving wife, Jeanette, can be on her feet for hours. Like me, she also loves her heels, knowing this, I HAD to get her […]