Movie Review: After Earth, Starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith

by Jeanette Luis

After Earth Movie Review | Latina On a MissionHow many times has fear stopped you from doing something you have always wanted to do? After Earth, starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, addresses this question. It also spoke about family values and love.

After being denied a ranger position, Kitai (Jaden Smith), felt he had a lot to prove. His father Cypher (Will Smith) was a true leader and respected by all. Kitai had big shoes to fill. His battle abilities needed work.

Although the movie is set in the future, where the human race has made considerable advances, the importance of family and it’s dynamics haven’t changed. Cypher struggles with work/life balance.  After being away from home on battles, he longs for family. He plans on retiring after his last mission. He wants to concentrate on his wife and son. He feared loosing them after his daughter was  killed in an attack.

After Earth Movie Quote

Wife to Cypher:  “You have a son you don’t know”


Recognizing the truth in his wife’s statement, Cypher decides to take Kitai on his last mission. True bravery and trust take place on this mission. They learn to fully place their lives in the hands of a loved one. Not an easy task.

After Earth Movie Quote

Cyper to son : “Recognize your power.  Every single decision you make will be life or death”


The movie contained lots of action. I literally  jumped out of my seat a few times. Watching them fight to survive, on a physical and emotional was intense. Underneath action scenes, the movie was about survival, for ourselves, for our family.  It is the reason they fought. It is the reason we fight, day in and day out. Parental struggles will always remain the same. Teenagers will test parents and parents will long for a greater connection with their children. The movie taps into this.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. It is a good Father’s Day flick. For those who do well with their families, they will get confirmation. While those who struggle, may get inspired.

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1 Rachel June 16, 2013 at 6:56 pm

I saw and loved this movie!
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