Snitch Movie Review with Spoilers

by Jeanette Luis

Based on true-life events, Snitch starring Dwayne Johnson, has viewers asking, “To what extreme would I go to save my child?”

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Snitch Movie Review | Latina On a Mission


Snitch is an action packed, heart-wrenching movie.  John Matthews (played by Dwayne Johnson, who many of you know as The Rock) is a father is desperately trying to save his son Jason (played by Rafi Gavron) from serving an unjust prison sentence for a drug distribution crime that carries a mandatory 10 year sentence. As parents, we worry our children will make mistakes that carry huge consequences.  This movie plays on that fear and an instant connection with the characters and their family is formed.

Making a typically unheard of move, a deal is made with the U.S. Attorney, Janet Keeghan (played by Susan Sarandon) for John to set up drug deals that would land a huge bust. If successful, this would reduce Jason’s sentence and in turn help heighten her career. Thirsty for popularity she agrees and John is in deep, infiltrating a major drug cartel.

Befriending an employee named Daniel (played by Jon Bernthal), John gets the help he needs to make connections. With his son’s life at risk, John is determined to succeed and maneuvers his way to the top. Alliances are formed and trust is placed on John by the Cartel leader, Juan Carlos (played by Benjamin Bratt) to carry out a huge delivery. A twist is thrown in when Juan Carlos stipulates that John must be the lone driver and that what he is transporting is not drugs but cash – millions of it. With his family, business and life in serious jeopardy, John makes a decision to not allow either side to control what happens. He does.

Dwayne Johnson did a fine job in portraying a father in a desperate situation. However, for me, the performance highlights came from  Jon Bernthal and Rafi Gavron.  Jon, whose character Daniel was torn between right and wrong, was passionate. He portrayed a Latino, who was struggling and trying to do well by his family. With charisma and raw male charm I instantly rooted for him. I felt connected with him. He’s the guy from my hood. Mi barrio. Rafi, who played the son Jason, had me completely wrapped up.  I was scared and cried for him.

With major shoot outs, car wrecks and explosions, this movie is sure to please the action-seeking viewer.  And for those who need a little something extra? The emotional dramatic scenes are sure to pull you in.


Let’s talk! What would you have done if faced with the same situation?


Snitch, opens February 22, 2013
Snitch opens February 22, 2013


Notable Quotes:

“You’re better than them, you’re better than me”. ~Daniel to a young boy who’s impressed with the local thugs.

“You’re the one who showed me what character and integrity is all about “ ~ John to his imprisoned son.



  • Dwayne Johnson                      John Matthews
  • Susan Sarandon                       Janet Keeghan
  • Michael Kenneth Williams    Malik
  • Jon Bernthal                             Daniel
  • Barry Pepper                             DEA Agent Billy Cooper
  • Melina Kanakaredes                Sylvie
  • Rafi Gavron                               Jason Collins
  • Nadine Velazquez                    Analisa
  • Benjamin Bratt                         Juan Carlos



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