La Carterita / The Clutch

by Jeanette Luis

La Carterita / The Clutch

I post things that I simply love or enjoy, for one reason or another.  I think there is a history and a feeling to everything.

La Carterita, the clutch,  is one of my favorite accessories.  I typically go through my day with a huge handbag, or satchel, that I can throw everything into.  Having a a large bag validates the odd necessities I throw inside throughout the day. Like a 10 oz tube of body lotion or a wrench (Seriously, you never know when you may need one!).

Mint to Be Yours BagYet, I love a beautiful clutch. It gives my back a break.  Admittedly, initially I am uncomfortable without my 10,000 items, but eventually I relax and enjoy the freedom my clutch allows.

My perfect clutch? Vintage.

I love it’s history. I daydream about who could have owned it before me.  Where did they go with it – a dance, a first date?  I also add a little history to it to with my own uses.  In time, my daughter will take them over and add her own adventures to those carteritas/clutches.

History -  As a child, I recall watching others with their carteritas and knowing they were important. They have an allure of mystery about them, something special. What could possibly fit in such a small bag?  Whatever was in there had to be the best for it was all that it could carry.  I wanted one; I wanted people to think that of me.

Feeling – When I use one of my vintage carteritas, or  even a new clutch, I feel feminine and sexy.  I want others to notice and comment on it.  If not, I will even bring it up.

Mail the Seven Seas Bag2

My everyday handbag, allows me to be  “prepared for a world war”. A clutch, on the other hand, reminds me to give myself a break and live life by the moment. Leaving behind yesterday’s “essentials’, allows me to  enjoy the present for all it’s worth. My vintage carteritas might be seeped in the past; however, the memories I carry are weightless and all empowering.

If you don’t already have one, find one with a little history or get a new one that makes you happy.  You can begin its own history.

Let’s talk! Do you use carteritas/clutches? Which do you prefer: new or vintage?


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    Jeanette was born and raised in New York, but her family hails from the Isla del Encanto / Island of Enchantment. She is a Spanglish speaking, beauty loving, fashion seeking, Latina Mami of two and wife of one. Love her posts? Follow her on Twitter.

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    1 Jai February 19, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Like you I use an everyday big hobo or satchel. Since I have a newborn I go with a nice diaper bag I can throw my wallet in on the weekends. But I do have both vintage and new clutches. Just got a new one for Christmas I can’t wait to get that one out on the town! Great post!
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    2 Maria February 19, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Unfortunately, even though I love the clutch and I think it looks sleek and sexy, I’m too much of a bag lady to carry a small purse. I currently have medicine bottles, makeup, papers, pens, loose change, you name it in my purse. I’m starting to think that I need to downsize due to the sheer weight of it. Sometimes I can’t even find what I’m looking for in my purse. ;)
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    3 Patricia February 20, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Love the clutches, but with kids I am more of a purse gal.

    4 DELIA March 5, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    I also use a purse that can basically be a weekend bag …. for everyday use! But you are so right about the weight off your shoulders, literally! I have a young child and feel like I have to be prepared for anything so when I go out and decide on a small bag or clutch, I go back to my big purse a hundred times before I decide “NO! I will not take all these things with me!” and you’re right, within moments you do feel a sense of freedom – until someone asks you for something they really need that you had in that first aid kit of yours that you left home! Uggggh! LOL ;). Great post! Love your stuff!

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