The Hunger Games: Who’s Who In Panem

by Migdalia

This is a great cheat sheet if you are unfamiliar with THE HUNGER GAMES characters.


In District 12:

Katniss:  The Tribute who becomes a heroine when she volunteers to take her sister’s place in the Hunger Games

Gale:  Katniss’ fellow hunter, rebel and best friend, who is heartbroken when she volunteers and departs for the Games

Peeta:  The male Tribute from District 12, who has long harbored secret feelings for Katniss



Katniss’ Hunger Games Team:

Haymitch: Victor of the 50th Hunger Games, now the rarely sober mentor for Katniss and Peeta

Effie:  Katniss’ elaborately-coiffed escort and PR handler for the Games

Cinna:  Katniss’ personal Stylist for the Games who becomes her unexpected confidante and supporter

Portia:  Peeta’s Stylist for the Games

Venia, Flavius and Octavia:  Katniss’ Prep Team for the Games


Key Tributes:

Marvel and Glimmer:  The ruthless, dangerously skilled Career Tributes from District 1

Cato and Clove:  Hailing from District 2, the two most fearsome Career Tributes in the Games

Foxface:  The female Tribute from District 5, whose smarts lead her to favor strategy over force

Rue:  The Games’ youngest Tribute from District 11, who becomes Katniss’ closest ally

Thresh:  The male Tribute from District 11


The Capitol Powers:

President Snow:  The dictator of Panem who rules with his own brand of laid-back brutality

Seneca Crane:  The head Gamemaker, who created the 74th Hunger Games

Caesar Flickerman: The official television interviewer for the Games

Claudius Templesmith: The infamous TV announcer of the Hunger Games


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