5 Hair Myths Busted

Straight hair, long hair, wavy hair, short hair… you get the point, it comes in all lengths and styles. Its our crowning glory, radiant and beautifully appealing in all its differences.

Yet no matter what hue, length or style, we’ve all heard one or more of the below myths. Arm yourself Chicas! Learn the truth from Hallie Bowman, a successful hairstylist who’s styled Kristen Stewart, Keri Russell, Emmy Rossum, Isla Fisher, Liv Tyler and Lucy Liu!

  • Dandruff
    I’ve heard it time and time again from well meaning amigas/friends: If you have dandruff, don’t wash your hair everyday. Its drying out your hair. Yada,yada, yada… Basta/stop, cover your ears! It’s UNTRUE!According to Ms. Bowman you can wash your hair everyday if you have dandruff. In fact, infrequent washing is a leading cause of dandruff.


  • Coloring and Menstruation
    I started going to the salón during my teens. While there, the stylists  noted that women on their menstrual cycle could not color their hair. This statement was said to me time and time again over the years. Yet Ms. Bowman claimed this is a MYTH and very wrong. You can color your hair while on your cycle without it affecting the process.


  • Waxing 
    I’ve read online that waxing during your cycle will cause less pain. UNTRUE!  According to Ms. Bowman you should avoid waxing any hair during your menstrual cycle. Due to water retention, waxing during your cycle, can not only rip off skin, but cause more pain.


  • Washing After Coloring
    I’ve always been told that I had to wait  one week after receiving a color treatment to wash my hair.  This is a MYTH! You can wash your hair after a color treatment; however, it is important to note that you should only use cold water and a coloring shampoo like Pantene Pro V .


  • Eyebrows
    I love matching my eyebrow color to my hair color. I feel it makes it look more natural so I always ask the stylist add the same hair dye to my eyebrows. I now know this is illegal. Do not do this!  Its a dangerous practice that can cause blindness should the dye get in the your eyes. She suggests using men’s hair dye for your eyebrows. When choosing a color pick one that is slightly lighter than the color you want to get.


Ms. Hallie Bowman also noted that certain medications, like thyroid medications and some types of hormonal medications,  can affect the hair coloring process. Make sure you talk to your colorist and let them know what medication you are on before you begin any color process.

Do you know of any other hair myths?

Let us know in a comment!


Disclosure: I was guilty of believing several of these myths. Thankfully, Pantene opened my eyes and gave me the opportunity to interview Hallie Bowman. Mil Gracias Pantene!


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  • Tracy Robertson May 2, 2011, 3:01 pm

    I never heard of the “don’t color your hair during menstruation” one before. That is pretty funny!

  • Ms. Latina May 2, 2011, 3:11 pm

    Tracy Robertson: The Dominican salons I used to go to always asked before coloring. It got to the point where they knew our cycles before we did!
    Ms. Latina recently posted..5 Hair Myths Busted

  • sarah August 11, 2013, 10:04 am

    My almost 13 year old daughter talked her grandma into paying for her hair tips to get dyed. My 10 year old chimed in wanting it to. Grandma, dad, and big sister said ‘you have to wait until you get your period before you can dye your hair’. Now if that logic is sound then how can guys dye their hair when they NEVER get a period! I’ve tried to google it but that ? hasn’t got asked before. So what is it.

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