Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree was originally a 5ft fake tree. I’ve had it for about 5 years and brought it at a 99¢ store for about $25. This year my sons decided to help and set up the tree. Its came out beautifully except for one teeny tiny thing … it shrunk by about 3 ft! Seems the boys broke a few of the stacks that went on the tree. They thought I wouldn’t notice but it was really hard to miss. I also have to admit when I tried to fix a few of the broken ones, I ended up breaking even more of them myself!

Christmas Tree

We couldn’t put the decorations under the tree either because of Shadow our puppy which makes it seem even more naked but I still think my bare, tilting, 2 ft tree brought more laughter and fun than the original tree ever did!  ;)

We hope your tree fills your home with love and laughter as well!

Happy WW!

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