Ramona and Beezus Movie Synopsis with Spoilers


Read below for a brief synopsis of Ramona and Beezus. Be forewarned it may include spoilers!

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Ramona and Beezus is a film adaptation based on the book Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary.

Ramona, played by Joey King, and Beezus, played by Selena Gomez, is set to hit theaters on July 23, 2010.

In the movie, Ramona Quimby is a spunky, loud, over-imaginative middle child who is oft compared to her quieter and calmer older sister Beezus. Note: Beezus is the older sister’s nickname. Her real name is Beatrice, however, Beezus stuck when Ramona could not pronounce her sister’s given name as a baby.

We see Ramona’s imagination in full force as soon as the movie begins. At that time, we also witness the exasperation of her teacher played by Sandra Oh, as well as the teasing of her classmates and family. Yet throughout these moments we also feel the love and support of her family, particularly her Aunt Bea.

Aunt Bea, who was also a younger sister, can sympathize with Ramona. She is one of her staunchest supporters and the person to whom Ramona runs to when she needs an ear. However, this changes when Aunt Bea’s hunky old beau, played by Josh Duhamel, returns to the neighborhood. Aunt Bea, worried her heart could be broken again, asks Ramona for help. She tells Ramona to keep an eye out cause he wants to reel her in. “Like a sea-bass?” asks Ramona. “Yes”, says Aunt Bea.

While Aunt Bea is dealing with her old beau, Ramona and her family are dealing with her father’s unemployment. Ramona’s father, played by John Corbett, is downsized when his employer is brought out by another. It coud not have come at a worse time since they are in the midst of  a a major house renovation! Ramona, ever the optimist, tells her father not to worry because he can do anything and would make a perfect fireman. 

Beezus is also affected by all that is transpiring around her. She is disheartened because they may have to move. The move means she would have to leave her best friend and love interest Henry, played by Hutch Dano. In true teenage angst she tells Ramona, “Who else is going to wanna waste 15 years to get to know me?” Ramona, the darling child that she is, says. “I will” and means it.  

Ramona and Beezus shows the power of love and encouragement at its best, with some wonderfully hilarious moments that will have viewers cheering for Ramona!


Memorabe Moments:

  • While seated at the dinner table Ramona tells her family she is going  to say a curse.  Her mom tells her if you need to get it out of your system go ahead. Everyone waits in stunned silence for the explosion. They are amazed when Ramona screams the word, not once, but three times! Note: There is no need to cover the children’s ears. You will be pleasantly surprised at her exclamation!
  • At the wedding ceremony, the ring boy drops one of the rings. “Don’t worry! Its just plastic”, says Aunt Bea. As everyone seaches, Ramona spots a ring on Aunt Bea’s shoe heel. Over her father’s protests, Ramona grabs Aunt Bea’s shoe and takes the ring off. She hands the ring to the groom. The speech that follows will make romantics swoon!


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